Sustainable Tourism: Global Challenges and Discovering Russia

The Organizing Committee of the International Conference “Sustainable Tourism: Global Challenges and Russian Perspective” hereby announces that the landmark industry event planned for the end of October 2020 will take place as scheduled but under a different format. The Organizing Committee was compelled to make this change because of temporary restrictions on mass gatherings in the Krasnodar region due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Only conference speakers will meet at the Rosa Khutor Mountain Resort on October 28-30, 2020. Invited speakers are the most prominent experts on sustainable tourism from all stakeholder groups: leading Russian and international experts, environmentalists, representatives of the Specially Protected Natural Areas, researchers, businesspeople, government officials and civil society.

Over the three days of the event, interested attendees from all countries are invited to take part in a discussion on outdoor recreation in Russia and globally by connecting to the Conference via a specially designed online platform. The platform will give real time access to all sessions and seminars, and participants will be able to ask questions in writing, use chat to communicate with speakers and other online attendees, and comment using the video link at any moment during the event. The platform’s working languages are English and Russian.

The agenda for the 3 rd international conference “Sustainable Tourism: Global Challenges and the Russian Perspective” will focus exclusively on practical issues. The main thrust of the conference is to create rules and standards for the sustainable development of the industry in line with the participants’ general expectations, and to contribute towards the alignment of efforts by businesses, government, environmental institutions, researchers, and civil society. This will help to raise the bar in planning tourism in the Specially Protected Natural Areas and in outdoor recreation in general, while strengthening accountability for maintaining a green legacy for future generations.

The agenda of the 3 rd Conference has been put together so as to highlight the most acute challenges the industry is facing, and to give participants an opportunity to consider and discuss ways of addressing them.

The Conference Program continues to reflect a regional approach that will allow for the showcasing of best practices and the specific challenges in sustainable tourism development encountered in various geographical regions of the world’s largest country.

The Organizing Committee of the 3 rd International Conference “Sustainable Tourism: Global Challenges and Russian Perspective” are: “Slava” Foundation of Viacheslav Fetisov, UN Goodwill Ambassador; the Interros Group; Rosa Khutor Resort.

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Conference organizers
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The «Sustainable Tourism: Global Challenges and Discovering Russia» Conference will be held at the all-season mountain resort Rosa Khutor, located in the Sochi National Park, a 40 minute car ride from Sochi International Airport (AER). The resort was built from scratch on the Aibga ridge for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Olympic athletes competed for thirty sets of medals in fifteen mountain sports on Rosa Khutor terrain.

Today Rosa Khutor is a popular all-season destination for tourism and corporate events. The resort is famous for its high quality of service, safety, and state-of-the-art technology, and it offers a large number of winter and summer activities.

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Sergey Bachin

Director General, Vasta Discovery;
Chairman of the Board of Rosa Khutor Mountain Resort

Rafiliya Bakirova

Orenburg Region Natural Reserves

Mikhail Bondar

Deputy Director for Science and Environmental Education,
Taimyr Nature Reserves

Maria Belyakova

Department of Sports and Tourism Management, Institute of Finance and Sustainable Development at RANEPA

Dr. Thiago Beraldo Souza

Knowledge Management Coordinator,

Alexandra Boyarskaya

Creative consultant at Nike, co-founder of Nike Run Club in Russia, producer at Yandex.Q

Ivan Chaika

Head of the Krasnodar Regional Branch,
Russian Geographical Society

Natalya Danilina

Charitable Educational Foundation "Zapovednoe posolstvo"

Paul Eagles

Professor at the Department of Tourism and Recreation,
Waterloo University, Canada

Anastasia Egorova

Baikal School of New Opportunities "Pokolenie Geniev"

Boris Erg

Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, IUNC

Vyacheslav Fetisov

UN Goodwill Ambassador
for the Polar Regions

Elizaveta Fokina

State Open-Air Museum-Reserve "Tsaritsyno"

Aleksandr Gorbachev

Manager for Sustainable Development,
Coca-Cola HBC Russia

Dmitry Gorshkov

WWF Russia

Vladimir Gritsenko

State Open-Air Museum Reserve "Kulikovo Pole"

Marina Gritsun

Head of the Alliance of Active Travel for Children Operators

Dmitry Isaev

School 1852, Moscow

Vyacheslav Ivanov

the Local ID Initiative

Dmitry Khomaza

Director General,

Pavel Khotsenko

Sochi National Park

Sergey Korneev

Saint-Petersburg Tourism Development Committee

Anastasia Korol

Deputy Director,
Norilsk Development Agency

Sergey Krivonosov

Deputy Chairman, Committee of the State Duma
on Physical Culture, Sport, Tourism, and Youth Affairs

Viktor Kruzhalin

Head of the Department of Recreational Geography and Tourism, School of Geography,
Moscow State Lomonosov University

Olga Kulikova

Deputy Director for Development,
National Park "Lake Pleshcheyevo"

Vladimir Kuznetsov

Director, UN Information Center in Russia

Andrey Latypov

The National Park «Buzuluksky Bor»

Elena Ledovskikh

President, Dersu Uzala Ecotourism Development Fund, Dersu Uzala Ecotourism Agency

Akaki Melikidze

Director General,
Research Center of Promising Interdisciplinary Research “Idea”

Sergey Mindelevich

Head of the Working Group on Tourism for Children,
Coordination Council on Tourism Development in Russia under the Government of Russia

Maxim Mironov

Norilsk Development Agency

Artem Mishchenko

Managing Partner,
JSC "Natsionalny Ecologicchesky Operator"

Vladimir Molodozhen

Head of the Methodology and Training Commission of the Russian Mountaineering Federation

Vladimir Moshkalo

Head of UNEP in Russia

Eraj Muhammadzhon-zade

Mountain Base Camp for Tourists "Artuch", Tajikistan

Anton Muraviev

Director for Social Projects,
Interros Group

Viktor Nepomnyashchiy

Khakassia Nature Reserve

Alexey Nikonorov

Central Comission of Personnel Training, Sports Tourism Federation of Russia

Vladimir Omelchenko

Deputy Director, Federal Center for Youth and Children's Tourism and Local Ethnography

Evgeniy Pavlov

Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Tourism and Youth

Lyudmila Poplavskaya

Head of the Project Unit,
Federal Project "Maintaining biodiversity and development of sustainable tourism"

Yekaterina Pronicheva

Committee on Tourism, Moscow

Konstantin Prosekin

Director - Chief State Inspector for Environmental Protection,
Taymir Nature Reserves

Leonid Protsenko

Acting Director,
Federal Center for Youth and Children's Tourism and Local Ethnography

Umar Ramasanov

"Zapovednoe Pribaikalie"

Yulia Rybakova

Advisor to the Head of Rostourism

Galina Romanova

Sochi State University

Olga Sanaeva

Russian Union of Tourism Industry

Pavel Severinets

School 444, Moscow

Alexander Sovetov

Honored traveler of Russia, member of the Russian Geographical Society

Daria Seykina

Children Camping Trips Planner,
"Laboratoria Puteshestviy"

Elena Shatkovskaya

Kenozersky National Park

Vyacheslav Shcherbakov

National Park "Krasnoyarskie Stolbi"

Sergey Shevelev

Caucasus Nature Reserve

Matvey Shparo

Russian Polar Explorer

Peter Shpilenok

Kronotsky Nature Reserve

Denis Simavsky

Executive Director,
Association of Mountaineering Guides of Russia

Svetlana Sutyrina

Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve

Olga Taratynova

State Open-Air Museum Preserve "Tsarskoe Selo"

Kirill Tokarev

RBC Network

Natalya Tretyak

First Vice President of

Anastasia Tsvetkova

Director General,
Lake Baikal Foundation

Vyacheslav Traktovenko

Regional coordinator of the "Leaders' Club" in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, entrepreneur

Yulia Urozhaeva

Member of the Board of Trustees of the "Road to Lavra" project, activist of public projects in the field of popularization of hiking trails, amateur sports and outdoor activities

Mikhail Ushakov

Director of the Partnership of Tourist Information Centers NP "NAITO"

Evert Verhagen

Creative Cities Agency

Yulia Verkhushina

Head of the Tourism Agency of the Krasnoyarsk Region

Alexey Volkov

Vice President, Executive Director, National Union of Hospitality Industry

Natalia Voloschenko

Director of Sales to Corporate Clients,
PJSC Sberbank Baikal branch

Mikhail Yablokov

Expert on territorial nature conservation

Alexey Yakovlev

Taganay National Park

Olga Zakharova

Deputy Director General,
Agency for Strategic Initiatives

Alexander Zheleznyak

Zapovedniki EcoCenter

Yulia Zvorykina

Deputy Director of Vnesheconombank Institute